Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How to Keep My Down Comforter From Slipping in the Duvet Cover

Down comforters are everyone’s favorites. They usually come in white or cream colors. Duvet covers are great choice to personalize your comforter and to add some color to your bedroom. Duvet covers come in wide variety of colors and fabrics. Duvet covers are like big “pillowcases” for your comforter. This way you are combining the beauty of the duvet cover with the unbeatable comfort of the down comforter.

The only downside is the slippage of the comforter inside the duvet cover. There are ways to keep the comforter in place for complete enjoyment of this combo.

The duvet covers will also protect you comforter from wear and tear while keeping it looking new and free from stains and dust. You can change the mood of your room by switching the colors of the duvet covers. It’s easy, quick and effective makeover for your bedroom. I suggest you use special clips called comforter clips to keep your comforter in place in a duvet cover.
  • Position the duvet on the bed with the opening of the duvet facing the bottom of the bed.
    Insert the top right corner of the comforter into the top right corner of the duvet, and secure it with one duvet clip to hold it in place. Insert the top left corner of the comforter into the top left corner of the duvet, and secure it in the same way with a duvet clip.
    Lift the duvet and comforter by the top right and left corners and shake firmly to bring the duvet cover down over the comforter.

  • Lay the duvet and comforter back on the bed, and pull the duvet down so that the entire comforter is inside the duvet. Adjust the bottom right and left corners and place a duvet clip in each corner to hold the comforter in place. Button the duvet cover at the end of it to closed.

  • What are Comforter Clips? They usually come in a set of four. They are snap-on clips that prevent your comforter from shifting inside your duvet or comforter cover. Comforter Clips attach in seconds and are undetectable beneath the duvet. They fit most comforters and are easy to remove.

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